About the Clicky Space

The Clicky-Space is a loosely organized home for creative people to publish the results of their creativity. There is no central theme, so it is the sum of whatever you can find. There are live music performances, original songs, presidential thumbnails (“quickies”), original memes, several years of American Idol recaps, an ongoing series about the 3,000 greatest baseball players (Doug Byzewski), some political satire (slack chats) and essays scattered around that can be about anything, from the birth of single-payor healthcare to the death of Jamal Khashoggi to the life of Nellie Bly. 

About the contributors

The Peanut Gallery is a public forum where we value intelligent, creative conversation and use trolls to feed the pigs. Anyone reading this is welcome to write on the forums. Keep in mind that we aren’t selling anything. It’s a place to tell each other things, not sell each other things. 

Gary Fletcher is a boutique liberal smartass from western Canada. If you can read this, he still hasn’t figured out how to edit this page. 

John “Cake” Hunter is a button-down centrist who lives in Connecticut and knows way more about healthcare insurance than you do. Ok, more than I do. Plus he likes making fun of presidents. 

Doug Byzewski is a writer, actor and all-around renaissance man who lives in Colorado and roots for the Minnesota Twins. 

The Wild and Wooly Band is a group from the Spokane area, featuring some of the best musicians in the Inland Empire. 

Terry Vent is a virile saint of a hulking messiah who enjoys baseball, music and writing his own press notices.