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World Series -- Game One  


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October 24, 2018 12:14 pm  

Dave Roberts is a good manager overall -- he's really good with his bench -- but he overdoes it with pitching platoons. He's not the only one who does, of course. The platoon advantage is the most oversought holy grail in baseball.

But he cost his team any chance to win game one when he removed a pitcher who was firing on all cylinders to get a platoon advantage he had to know was just going to be countered by a pinch-hitter.

As a result, he swapped a righty/lefty matchup with a warm, effective flamethrower for a lefty/righty matchup --  in Fenway Park, mind you -- with a starter coming out of the bullpen who needs a tail wind to hit 90 on the radar gun. 

The result didn't have to be a three-run home run, of course, but it was the sort of dumb move managers make when they are trying too hard.

Roberts did this last year, making too many moves and reducing his bullpen to kindling in last year's World Series. Apparently the lesson didn't stick.

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