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Welcome to the Barstool Peanut Gallery. We think of the Barstool (main site) and the Peanut Gallery (forum) as public spaces, sort of like a corner tavern with a lounge full of buddy bars.


We don't charge, we don't judge and we don't tell. So feel free to say whatever you feel like saying. It's a public space but a private piece of internet real estate, so don't worry about course language or graphic content. I'm sure you've seen seen worse than you'll see here, or you wouldn't be here. If it's ok in a bar, it'll be fine here. 


To be clear: trolls will be flogged and chased back to the swamp from whence they came. And that's the last time you will ever see the word "whence" here. I don't even know if I used it right. For everyone else, enjoy the madness. 

The management

The Peanut Gallery

The Peanut Gallery

NFL Live

Sunday football conversation in real time. Trolls will be traded to the Bills.




Brits call sports "sport" and math "maths." We don't know why, but Jimmy Carr thinks it's hilarious that Americans don't go along with it. Trolls will be hoisted on their own petard. then we'll bury the petard in the yard, put it under guard, and then do something else that rhymes with yard. Which, of course, the Brits call a garden.


Other other stuff

Anything about anything. Trolls will be beaten to death with a tire iron.


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Post here for help with navigating the site, any tips you want to share or suggestions to improve the place. Trolls will be ... well, if you are trolling this thread, you might have a trolling addiction. Seek help.