Players 181-190

181 Whitey Ford 754 P 41
182 Billy Herman 749.3 2B 17
183 John Olerud 749 1B 24
184 Trevor Hoffman 748.2 RP 6
185 Todd Helton 748 1B 25
186 Jim Edmonds 747 CF 13
187 Lou Boudreau 746.7 SS 16
188 Jim Kaat 746.4 P 42
189 Jeff Kent 746 2B 18
190 Zack Greinke 743 P 43


Whitey Ford topped 750 points and made my Hall of Fame. After that I picked 19 more based on other factors. The thing that surprised me is the highest ranked of the 19 is Red Ruffing at 201. No one else in my top 200 made it. I was looking for interesting stories and other factors besides accomplishments. I will get into that later. The thing is I like all of the guys here that are not in my Hall of Fame, and I believe they should be elected to the Hall of Fame. They all have stories and I hope I make them interesting.

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