Players 161-170

161 Kid Nichols 776 P 36
162 Keith Hernandez 775.3 1B 21
163 Ed Delahanty 775 LF 16
164 Graig Nettles 774.3 3B 11
165 Roy Halladay 774 P 37
166 Chase Utley 773 2B 15
167 Goose Goslin 771.3 LF 17
168 Carl Hubbell 771 P 38
169 Don Drysdale 770.4 P 39
170 Sherry Magee 770 LF 18

Kid Nichols suffered the most from my 19th Century penalties, but he still made my hall of fame as well as the regular hall of fame. It is nice to see Graig Nettles make my hall of fame. Chase Utley had an interesting career. He was a guy who started his career who could do everything well. I want to see how well he was able to hold on to those skills after going to the Dodgers. I thought Hubbell would be higher, but he had a short career.

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