Draft Notices: A Sophomoric Obsession

July 13, 2021
I did my first 2021 Snake draft on ESPN’s fantasy football app today; I drafted third out of 10 teams, PPR and regular rosters. I was happy with the team I was able to draft, but I always like my cars the day I drive them off the lot. In hindsight, I probably should have grabbed a quarterback and a tight end a little bit earlier.
McCaffrey went first and Derrick Henry went second, leaving me a choice between Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara. I am not particularly high on Cook this year, but since he’s listed as the number two draft option I went ahead and drafted him. I’ll have a lot of ESPN teams by the time I’m done, and it’ll be nice to have Cook on one team, at least. If this was my only draft, I would have taken Kamara; I like his combination of upside, role and durability over Cook. But it’s close enough that you could flip a coin. 
I drafted 18th overall and I had some decent choices, including Najee Harris and Cam Akers. I drafted DeAndre Swift, though. Of the three, I think he’s the most likely to own the whole job and catch some passes. I do like Harris’ upside, and I think he’ll be an ok pass-catcher if he gets a chance. For the 23rd pick Harris was still there and I thought about grabbing him, but Justin Jefferson was there and I ain’t turning down the next Julio Jones in the third round.
Round 4, 48th overall, I grabbed Josh Jacobs. He’s getting a really bad rap this summer for some reason, but he was really good all the way to the end of the season in 2020 and it’s not like Kenyan Drake is a superstar (I grabbed Drake in round 10 as his handcuff). I grabbed Cee Dee Lamb in the fifth round, my second wide receiver and my second 2nd-year wide receiver. Sensing a theme?
Rounds 6-8 I grabbed DJ Moore, Tee Higgins and Chase Claypool; if you are keeping track at home, that’s four 2nd-year wide receivers and DJ Moore so far. For rounds 9-10, I solidified my running back depth with Raheem Mostert and Drake.
You may have noticed that I don’t have a quarterback or a tight end yet. In my experience, the stud tight ends go way too early, so I ignore tight end for most of the draft — and there are several late-round quarterbacks that I would not mind going to war with, assuming I use the extra early pick wisely. But this year, waiting might not be the smartest way to go … I don’t have any good ideas for tight end late in the draft yet, and in a 10-team league I might be giving up too much at tight end and quarterback when I wait this long.
I filled in the positions in rounds 11-14, drafting Noah Fant in the 11th, Joe Burrow in the 12th, Trevor Lawrence in the 13th and Evan Engram in the 14th. I don’t mind those guys, but they feel more like 12-team league starters than 10-team league starters. I finished up with the Patriots defense and Rodrigo Blankenship as my kicker.
If I’m grading myself, I’d give the draft a B, I think. I got A- running backs and A+ wide receivers, but D- tight ends and D+ quarterbacks. 

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