Voter Rights, Lefts and Uppercuts

Terry, July 1, 2021
1. SCOTUS is really good at keeping lawyers from taking a tire iron to the Constitution. In effect, it’s what they do.
The ruling was criticized by the left side of the court as an example of SCOTUS not protecting the 1965 voting rights act. I am not qualified to say if that is a fair characterization or not; I’m only acknowledging that this is what the dissenting side said.
2. SCOTUS also has a vital role in protecting the unique systemic balance between the rights of the federal government and the rights of state governments.
Federal law, no matter how vital to our society, is not sacrosanct. States must be allowed to challenge federal statutes; it’s how the system was designed. Again, I can’t say which side is right in this specific case. If I could, I’d be on a bench somewhere myself. But it’s at the center of this particular voter rights dispute.
3. The act itself was written during a time of extreme political upheaval, while the most basic of civil rights regarding America’s minority populations were threatened by forces trying to enforce rules that would sicken most Americans in 2021.
Needs evolve; rules of law must evolve along with the society they protect. The 1965 voter rights act was a matter of survival for millions of people. Voter rights in 2021 are better characterized as a matter of convenience.
And a massive political football.
I can’t say much about this with conviction. I’m not versed on law. And this shit is very much in the law arena. But don’t assume if you are a lefty that a lefty result is the best, or if you are a righty that a righty result is the best. The best result in all of these voter rights cases is outside the courtrooms, in the public sector.
It’s something we need to do, we the People. 
1. Lefties need to tell their leaders to stop obsessing over minority rights as if it’s the only issue that matters.
2. Righties need to tell their leaders to stop obsessing over minority rights as if it’s the only issue that matters.
We don’t need more rights. We need less need for the rights we already have. We need fewer pricks trying to stop voters from voting, and we need fewer pricks dragging people out of their homes to ‘help’ them vote.
In short, tell your leaders to stop trying so fucking hard to control who votes and who doesn’t vote.
Leave the voters alone. 

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