Players 131-140

131 Juan Marichal 813 P 27
132 Curt Shilling 812 P 28
133 Early Wynn 809 P 29
134 Bill Freehan 807 C14
135 Robinson Cano 803 2B 14
136 Dwight Evans 802.6 RF 14
137 Harry Heilmann 802.3 RF 15
138 Larry Doby 799 CF 10
139 Zack Wheat 797 LF 13
140 Minnie Minoso 795 LF 14


We have 3 more pitchers which is good as pitchers are now starting to catch up with position players. A lot of Sabermetric people talk about Bill Freehan being a possible hall of famer. I agree and argue he should be in the hall of fame. I gave Doby and Minoso pioneer points, which helped them put them over the hall of fame line. I have no problem with that as both were great players.

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